App User Onboarding

Welcome! You are already making great progress with onboarding to have reached this information!

Check out the videos below in the App, that gives some very valuable tips about what the pelvic floor is about and how the femfit helps tell you what is going on when you squeeze.

The team at JUNOFEM have two main priorities

  1. to keep you safe

  2. to improve your pelvic floor health


Keeping safe comes from cleaning your device properly - check out the cleaning protocol. It also comes from performing your exercises correctly and not straining. If at any stage the femfit is not comfortable, or your symptoms are getting worse - stop using the femfit. Contact us, or get input from your Health Care Professional, before continuing.

Improving your pelvic floor health comes from regularly exercising using the correct technique.


What to do

For onboarding, you should choose the "Starter programme" under the Programmes menu. Back under My Day, you can press GO to get underway.


Pink bars higher then grey

There is lots to become familiar with. To start, don't worry about the bird and following the line. What we really want you to do is to look at the sensor bars. The pink bars represent your pelvic floor, and the grey bars represent your intra-abdominal area. We want some of the pink bars higher than the grey bars. Any pink bar higher than all grey bars. That's enough, just do that to begin with.


Check in

At the start of each exercise type (SQUEEZE, RAPIDS, KNACK or ENDURO), relax. During the first 5 seconds the femfit device will figure out what your resting pressure profile is. It needs to do this each time because it changes - particularly with posture (but also with atmospheric pressure each day). After 5 seconds the bird will sit at the zero level and rise up when you squeeze. If you are active during these 5 seconds the bird may not land at the zero level when you relax. Don't worry, just do your exercises anyway, and the bird will sort it self out for the next exercise type!


Let us know how it is going

Email us on to tell us what is working and what is confusing. We are very keen to get you on the right track.