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Meet the JUNOFEM team.

We're a New Zealand medtech company on a mission to free women from the stigma of urinary incontinence.

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10 years of research, 200 million reasons.

Urinary incontinence affects 200 million people worldwide, and research shows that women are more than twice as likely to experience it in their lifetime.

Our founding team has been in the field of pelvic floor health for over 10 years. We're incredibly dedicated to resolving pelvic floor discomfort, and helping people all over the world regain their confidence and take charge of their health.


Jennifer Kruger, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Jennifer is a prominent, internationally recognised researcher and academic in the area of pelvic floor muscle function and dysfunction in women, having led the Pelvic Floor Research group at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute since 2011. She brings over fifteen years of clinical experience in nursing and midwifery, and holds a PhD in Sport and Exercise Science. Jenny is passionate about helping women overcome pelvic discomfort, and her focus is on translating the team's clinically-backed technology into a thriving global business.

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David Budgett, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

David has a PhD in biomedical engineering and a long history developing medical devices, and bridging university-deep technology through to successful business outcomes. He has been involved in multiple startup companies originating from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute and has management experience on NZ and US medtech company boards. David has guided acquisitions, mergers and buy-outs. He is also intimately familiar with quality management systems, and aligning company culture with quality to drive value for the company.

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Dr. Jackie Smalldridge

Chair, Clinical Advisory Committee

Obstetrician and gynaecologist, with a special interest in urogynaecology. Dr Smalldridge has worked with Dr. Kruger on various research projects dating back to 2011. She has been instrumental in the design of femfit®, and realising its utility from a clinical and commercial perspective. She sees JUNOFEM as a vehicle to help women, and in her role as Chair of the Clinical Advisory Committee, continues to support the company with referrals and introductions to other specialists.

Laura Pedofsky

Head of Product

As a member of the senior leadership team, Laura oversees product management, working closely with Jenny, David and Laith on product design and innovation, and the strategic direction of the femfit® product. Her background in research brings a deep understanding for extracting, understanding and meeting customer needs across B2B and B2C markets, including health care practitioners. Laura also brings the tenacity and skill set to drive user engagement, evaluate user data and identify opportunities to improve overall product performance.

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Hannah Orr

In-house Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Hannah has over fifteen years of experience as a pelvic floor physiotherapist. She has worked in the private and public health systems, and her background and skills are essential in guiding the development of digital analytics, telehealth consultations and clinical feedback here at JUNOFEM. She completed her Masters degree in 2021, using femfit® and the vaginal pressure profile to illustrate changes in pelvic floor anatomy during pelvic floor contractions and other voluntary movements. Hannah is passionate about making JUNOFEM's unique technology available to more women and healthcare professionals worldwide.

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Laith Hermez, PhD

Head of Engineering

Laith is a med-tech innovator with extensive technology, IP and product development experience. He has a PhD in engineering science, and previously held a long tenure role at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. He is part of the senior leadership team and leads the engineering and manufacturing operations at JUNOFEM.

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