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The four key femfit® exercises.

Do you have the knack for the four femfit® exercises yet? Here's the lowdown, plus the role each exercise plays as part of your journey to pelvic floor health.

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Increase muscle strength

The classic contraction, Squeeze is designed to help strengthen and build up your pelvic floor muscles.


How-to: Squeeze, lift, and hold your maximum contraction, and hold for a specified duration. Release, relax and repeat.

Squeezing your pelvic floor

Squeezing your pelvic floor

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Coordination and speed

Rapid exercises, or "quick flicks" are designed to help with overall coordination, and ultimately increase the speed of your muscle contractions.


How-to: Squeeze and lift your pelvic floor muscles rapidly. Release and relax. Repeat.


Endurance and function

Often the trickiest exercise to master, Enduro helps with overall pelvic floor function.


How-to: Squeeze and lift to half your maximum, and hold for several seconds. Then, without relaxing, squeeze and lift to maximum, and hold again. Relax back to half your maximum squeeze, hold, then relax.


Coordination and control

This is the "Squeeze Before You Sneeze" exercise—The Knack is all about regaining control when you're most vulnerable or prone to leaks, in addition to helping with your overall coordination.
How-to: Do a maximum squeeze, lift immediately, then cough! Relax and rest, then repeat. 

Video guidance

Need some visual aid, or a refresher on the pelvic floor? View our How-To videos below.

What is the pelvic floor?