What is femfit


femfit® is a pelvic floor muscle trainer, worn inside the vagina during exercises. 


Discover femfit


Created by JUNOFEM - this smart device gives real-time biofeedback on pelvic floor muscle exercise. 

  • Soft and flexible silicone that moves with (instead of pushing against) your body.

  • Easy to use and discreet, femfit® can be integrated into your daily routine.

  • If your symptoms are minor or severe - pelvic floor exercises are clinically proven to resolve symptoms in users of all ages. 

  • Intelligent feedback and a structured training plan via your smart device, to teach you the skills you need to regain and maintain pelvic floor health.

Individual results will vary. femfit® was specifically designed to improve pelvic floor muscle function. A well functioning pelvic floor is likely to reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

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femfit® provides direct feedback to a fun, interactive app and guides correct technique for your pelvic floor muscle training.


Order a femfit 

femfit® is available in New Zealand and Australia. It is intended to help those with urinary incontinence. The femfit® costs NZ$390 including GST.


​Before purchasing femfit®, we would like to ask you a few questions to ensure femfit® is right for you.

If you have any questions please email us: info@junofem.com

The app has programmes for all levels and tracks your progress. Everyone should exercise multiple times per week for 8 to 16 minutes.