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Transform your pelvic floor health with femfit®.

Resolve urinary incontinence symptoms with a clinically-proven training system, backed by 10 years of pelvic health research.
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A new approach for pelvic floor health.

Powered by advanced biofeedback technology, the femfit® pelvic floor training system is the result of more than a decade of clinical research. 

The only trainer on the market with the unique Pressure Array Sensor system, our Strength Builder programme has been clinically proven to resolve up to 80% of urinary incontinence symptoms—just one of the pelvic floor disorders women may experience in their lifetime.

No more hiding when you cough, laugh, run or exercise.

Find your way to a healthier, stronger pelvic floor with femfit®.

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One in three women suffer from urinary incontinence.

It's a common, debilitating and not-so-talked about condition that can greatly impact your quality of life.

We understand the embarrassment, stigma and silence that often surrounds urinary incontinence, and in partnership with your clinical team, we're here to support and guide you to symptom resolution with our clinically-backed, 12-week programme.


Use it at home, between specialist appointments.

Use femfit® in partnership with your own clinician, or get support directly from a JUNOFEM pelvic floor health specialist physio.

Bring your care team together.

Share your progress with your clinician directly from the app if you choose to, and bridge the gap between appointments for ongoing, targeted support.

Experience the femfit® app.

Manage your pelvic floor health with the femfit® mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

  • Connect and manage your femfit® device

  • Select exercise programmes

  • Monitor your technique in real-time

  • Track your journey to pelvic floor health

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femfit® app

We're not like the other birds.

No two pelvic floors are the same, that’s why femfit® has been developed with more sensors than any other pelvic floor trainer on the market.

Real-time guidance with long-term benefits.

Correct technique is everything when it comes to pelvic floor training—now you can train right and feel better with femfit®.

Simultaneously measure pelvic floor activation and abdominal pressure

Get real-time feedback on your technique every time you exercise

Track progress, and share with your clinician directly from the app

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How it works

With femfit®'s technology, you can improve your exercise technique with greater accuracy, and gain the confidence you need to resolve your symptoms once and for all.

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Advanced patented technology

With eight sensors, we will find your pelvic floor and guide you to symptom resolution

JUNOFEM expert team
12-week strength programme

12 weeks of clinically-backed content and guidance from qualified pelvic floor experts

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Personalised reporting and support

Stay motivated throughout the programme with in-depth, custom insight reports




We're a New Zealand medtech company on a mission to free women from the stigma of urinary incontinence.

Our global, women-led team of scientists, engineers, physiotherapists and medical specialists are dedicated to helping women take charge of their health, regain independence, and resolve pelvic dysfunction once and for all.

The femfit® app provides excellent feedback, incentivising me to do my pelvic floor exercises regularly.

Julie, 12-Week Strength Builder Programme


Support your patients like never before.

Prescribe the femfit® system and you'll gain an expert partner in the JUNOFEM team—for you and your patients.

If you're a pelvic floor or women's health specialist, you know that pelvic floor dysfunction requires ongoing, targeted care. Throughout the 12-week programme for stress incontinence, we support your patients with real-time, visual feedback for improving technique, so you can rest assured they're progressing in and out of the clinic.

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Ready to transform your pelvic floor health?

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