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Transform your pelvic floor health.

Discover a healthier, stronger pelvic floor, and resolve urinary incontinence symptoms with femfit®.

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A clinically-proven approach for urinary incontinence.

Powered by advanced biofeedback technology and backed by a decade of clinical research, the femfit® pelvic floor training system can resolve up to 80% of urinary incontinence symptoms in just 12 weeks.

No more hiding when you cough, laugh, run or exercise—now you can train right and feel better with femfit®.

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Hi, we're JUNOFEM.

We're a New Zealand medtech company on a mission to free women from the stigma of urinary incontinence.

Our global, women-led team of scientists, engineers, physiotherapists and medical specialists are dedicated to helping women take charge of their health, regain independence, and resolve pelvic discomfort once and for all.


Solving a problem that nobody talks about.

One in three women suffer from urinary incontinence—a common, debilitating and not-so-talked about condition that can greatly impact your quality of life.

Up to 50% of women don't feel comfortable talking to their primary doctor about their symptoms. That's why we created femfit®, to help women overcome urinary incontinence, in collaboration with a trusted pelvic healthcare support team.

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How femfit® works

The femfit® pelvic floor training system combines a state-of-the-art medical device with a mobile app and strength training programme, plus ongoing support from the expert team at JUNOFEM.


  Biofeedback technology provides guidance for improving exercise technique in real-time, so you can work towards symptom resolution with confidence throughout the programme.

the femfit device
femfit® device

Soft, flexible and discreet, easily incorporate strength training into your daily routine, starting with just 8 minutes a day

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Real-time insights

12 weeks of guidance and real-time feedback via app to optimise your pelvic floor exercise technique

JUNOFEM expert team
Specialist support

A qualified pelvic floor physiotherapist and the JUNOFEM team will support you throughout your journey