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  • Jennifer Kruger, PhD

At the age of sixty-five, and after the birth of four children, my pelvic floor was very weak

At the age of sixty-five, and after the birth of four children, my pelvic floor was very weak.


My urogynecologist referred me to a specialist pelvic floor physiotherapist, who taught me how to properly perform strengthening exercises.


Once I had mastered the technique to the best of my ability, she then suggested that I start using a femfit.


When I exercise my pelvic floor while using the femfit, I can immediately see if I am doing the exercise correctly or whether I need to change the technique. It gives me instant feedback.

As a result of constant exercising, my pelvic floor is the strongest it has been in my life.


A significant lesson that I have learned during the time that I have been using the femfit is that frequent rests are as important as the strengthening exercises.

I have learned to relax fully between each set of exercises – an important skill that did not come naturally to me at first.


I am very grateful for the improvement to my life that the femfit has allowed me.

I can now go for long bush walks or shopping trips without desperately looking for a nearby toilet. I can sneeze and laugh uproariously in company without embarrassing myself.

The benefits of strong bladder control are enormous.


Another benefit of using the femit is that, as well as having excellent tech-support, the company provides constant education and feedback. Their newsletters include short educational videos which clearly explain topics that are not often talked about, but have a big impact on everyone’s lives. I have learned a lot.


I am grateful to the team at femfit for providing a product that has had such a positive effect on my life.


- Susan M


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