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Get better, together! Introducing femfit® x White Hart Clinic

We've partnered with Christien Bird and the team at White Hart Clinic to bring the femfit® experience directly to the Barnes community in the United Kingdom.

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The pelvic floor check-up you deserve, a training programme you can trust.

Up to a third of women will experience leakage episodes at a wide variety of life stages. That is normal. What is less well known is that 80% of symptoms of urinary incontinence can be resolved by completing an effective exercise programme.


Effective exercise means doing your exercising correctly, and doing enough of them. That's where White Hart Clinic and femfit® come together to support your journey.

White Hart Clinic is multidisciplinary and a specialist clinic for women's health. They can help with guidance, technique and getting you on track in the clinic. 

Talk to your White Hart clinician to get a special discount code for you to use on the JUNOFEM checkout page.

femfit® can help you train at home, giving you feedback on technique and leading through an effective exercise programme.

You can browse the JUNOFEM website to learn more about the importance of your pelvic floor and what it takes to complete an effective 12-week exercise programme.

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What is stress incontinence?

Symptoms may include leaking associated with activity, change of position, laughing, coughing, sneezing, running

Who should get input from a White Hart Clinic expert?
  • Anyone with weakness or damage to the pelvic floor muscles and who is experiencing symptoms of leakage

  • Ante-natal and postnatal women- especially for women who have experienced a complicated birthing process

  • Women who are post-menopausal or who have had a history of gynaecological surgery

Who performs the assessment?

White Hart Clinic have expert Women's Health Physiotherapists. This team is also supported by a diverse range of therapists providing services including osteopathy, massage, podiatry, acupuncture, phychological services and a private GP.

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Ready to transform your pelvic floor health?

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