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  • Jennifer Kruger, PhD

femfit® takes on the UK and beyond

As we wrap up this month, join us in celebrating the exciting milestones and partnerships that have defined JUNOFEM's journey. From expanding our reach into the UK and forming impactful collaborations with healthcare professionals to helping women worldwide with femfit®, it has been a month filled with growth and inspiring stories.

Exciting Expansion in the UK!

We're thrilled to announce that femfit® has officially landed in the UK! The dedicated team at JUNOFEM has worked tirelessly to achieve this milestone, and we're now recognised as an approved medical device in the UK. Spread the word to your friends and family!

Partnering with UK Health Professionals

I spent 4 weeks in the UK in September and was delighted to have the opportunity to make new connections with healthcare providers in the women’s health space as well as spend time with, and contribute to, growing our current partnerships. PureSportsMed were a new connection and we had quite a bit of fun with their HCP’s learning about femfit®. They are now an affiliate of JUNOFEM, along with 6 other practices of varying sizes.

Maria Elliot is a well-known pelvic floor physiotherapist in the UK, who has created the MummyMOT – which is like a ‘warrant of fitness’ for mums after having a baby. It is a comprehensive checkup that includes an assessment of any pelvic floor issues such as incontinence/signs of pelvic organ prolapse/or pain. Maria loves femfit® and we look forward to this partnership growing from strength to strength.

Maria, Jenny, Abigail, and Kathryn

I also had the pleasure of meeting Clare Bourne, who has joined JUNOFEM as an affiliate partner, and just published her book Strong Foundations. Congratulations on producing such an accessible resource for women, and we look forward to working closely together, giving women confidence to improve their pelvic floor health.

Jenny and Clare

Jennifer Kruger, PhD (JUNOFEM Co-founder & CEO)


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