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  • Jennifer Kruger, PhD

Caffeine Daily: Late-life adventurers: the rise of the 50+ founder

... The accidental founder

For Dr Jenny Kruger of Junofem, becoming a startup founder in her 50s was more by accident than design.

Along with her co-founder, David Budgett, Kruger is commercialising Femfit – a device to help women tackle urinary incontinence.

Her CEO role follows a 30-year career as a midwife, researcher and academic; she developed the Femfit concept as a member of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI).

When Covid restrictions prevented travel, Kruger took over from the Sydney-based CEO. Although she didn’t foresee she’d be heading the company, it now feels like the right path.

“I’ve since realised it’s the creators of the technology that are probably best placed to take it to market for the first time, because we know the value of that technology. There’ll come a time when you need more expertise on the commercialisation side.”

She also says there are more similarities between the lives of an academic and a startup founder than you’d think.

“The pressures are different, but probably no less. Academics need to get grants to support ourselves, so it’s [similar to raising capital]. It’s funding in a different cloak.” ...

Published by: Caffeine Daily


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